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so this is my first fic not to mention smut ever but it has received very good… Critical… Reception so I’m deciding to post it now. It took like two months to think up, write, edit, and get around to posting. Whew. So yea if you read it, thank you kindly and you can talk to me about it since I’m new to the world of a fanfic writer. Please reblog and/or like if you enjoy! :D

Special thanks to friys for motivating me throughout this and satsuki-kiryuins for requesting to read this, here it is!!


"Yo Daddy’s So Gay"

Possibilities, possibilities. Two hormonal, pretty gay, teenage boys alone in a room together. Best friends, too. Armin and Eren in the basement of the Arlert’s residence, having a sleepover, per se. Slumber party. Whatever it was, it was nothing unusual. It was about 3 AM and feelin’ lonely, Mikasa was asleep on the couch on the floor above, like someone with common sense. But this was no ordinary scenario, or why would I be writing about it? Armin would usually fall asleep around the same time Mikasa did, leaving Eren on his own to do whatever he damn pleased until he got tired.

Armin awake as day at 3 am. He’s usually the kind of guy to get a good night sleep. More then awake as day. That’s because, to be frank, Eren drugged him. Okay, “drugged” is a strong word. Perhaps took advantage of Armin’s distrait state from sleepiness and showed him some “snacks” and “magic juice” (energy drinks; eww, what were YOU thinking?) and god knows what else that his parents had in the basement refrigerator which intrigued him and started a downward spiral, yes, might be a more appropriate way of describing it. Out of courteousness, Eren and Armin went to the basement as not to disturb the more currently sane who are not jacked up.

They’ve spent the last two hours or so bouncing on the couches playing stupid games and talking a mile a minute, trying to keep it down and not make the rest of the house upset with them. It was strange, because something was most certainly in the proverbial air. Eren and Armin and Mikasa have been friends for a length of time that either of them lacked the patience to calculate at the moment. Eren and Armin had a wee history of “getting gay past midnight” that never amounted to anything and was never spoken about after they woke the next morning. Luckily, the feeling was reciprocated between them or else one would probably find it downright creepy.

Eren, the calmer of the two as he is used to this feeling, occasionally stopped fidgeting and moving and talking just to look at the blond smiling and dancing before him. Just to take in how a wonderful and pulchritudinous his existence was. His long blond hair that could be described as golden if there was more light to reflect and that wasn’t cliche, and his beautiful blue eyes with slowly augmented pupils, his eyes were incomparable, kind of like… Anyway, that combined with the fact that he was under Eren’s influence with less self control then usual just kinda make Eren was to plow him into a couch and make him scream Eren’s name. The thought of it made blood course harder through Eren’s body, and more uncomfortable. He was already jacked up when all he needed to be was jacked off.

Eren decided he should do SOMETHING to break the silence, as if Armin’s racing mind would make anything of it. Eren grabbed a couch pillow and chucked it at Armin lacking accuracy and much force. Armin heaved himself out of the way of the pillow sloppily, before stumbling a little on the couch and making an indistinct variety of unintelligible noises. “Ay! You missed!” Being the only thing Eren could really make out. He tried to wince away these thought before they got to him.

The room was fairly large and make of wooded walls and stone floor, a few elegant looking ceiling fans on the only place ceiling fans should be. The lights were on. There where three couches arranged in a pattern to be easily accessible from the others, each with a few pillows. Usually there would be a rug and a coffee table in the center, the rug was unkempt with stains from spills and ripples from lazy attempts to move the couches where it was convenient. The table was hoisted by Eren out of their “couch ring” and off to the side and had boxes of cookies and candy and chocolate opened with a dash of crumbs, and 2 liter bottles of Fanta and Mountain Dew where their couch shenanigans would hopefully not render anything a mistake on the floor, which already had at LEAST three crunched cans of energy drink on it and small drips that leaked out.

Eren on one couch, squatting, and Armin on the opposite side bouncing. Armin saw the pillow Eren launched in his direction and repeating his action. “HYAAAAA” Armin managed out with his forceful toss of the pillow. Eren was a little dazed as he’s spent the last minute or so crouched down on the couch sappily looking at Armin rather than playing with him. Thinking about how he might be able to play with him, but in an in-the-pants way. Soon, like a cumshot to the eye, Eren got ideas to steer him in the right direction. He decided he’d play with Armin innocently while he could as not to seem too eager. Eren bounced up on the couch energetically despite minor pins and needles in his foot from his awkward sitting position, and grabbed all the pillows on his couch and threw them at Armin.

"Oof!" Armin gasped and the large amount of pillows heaved at him knocked him into the wall a little. "Take it easy, you’ll knock something down!" Armin said he meant seriously but was still laughing for no apparent reason. The wall behind Armin’s couches had patterns of pictures, mostly baby pictures, of Armin and his parents. All he knew is that if any fell and broke then his parents would be pretty pissed.

"You’ve been hurling pillows at me forcefully all night, why should I have mercy??" In a mockable serious tone.

"Fine, I’ll stop then!"


"Fine! I won’t do these so hard." Armin said as he gathered his ammunition.

"That’s not what I was saying to your mom last night!" Eren retorted.

"Ewwww, Eren! You want to fuck my mom?!?!" Armin, clearly being rhetoric, as he threw the pillows more upward so they wouldn’t come down with as much force on Eren.

Eren bit his lip as trying to hold back a cheeky smile, he knew he was getting somewhere. “Fuck” was a word rarely used by Armin unless it was in the after hours, under the influence of… Errrr… Something… Or just in the mood. Or as Eren preferred to think, all three. It could be good or bad, the fact that it meant nothing promising, as he WAS using it in the context if his mother.

"Yea, probably, if she ma-" made you. He bit his lip as a reminder not to let his mouth go on autopilot when he’s sexually frustrated.

"You WHAT??!?" Armin said, mostly out of surprise at the fact that Eren may have suggested that he actually wished to have intercourse with his mother.

He hastily leaped off the arm of the couch he was on to the couch nearest his left and closer to Armin as a diversion for his slip. At this sight Armin immediately assumed they were playing some sort “you can’t touch me” game which was never established but seemed useful to compensate for all the touching that would happen later. (Foreshadowing? I wouldn’t dare!)

Armin hopped up to the couch arm and off it it onto the pleasingly cold stone floor, intending to scatter up to the couch Eren was previously on, when he tumbled to the ground with a surprising “GAAAH” in an almost dainty matter for someone who is slipping and catching himself on the ground with his arms. “Armin!” Eren shouted and he pranced off of the couch and hurried over to Armin. “Are you alright??” “Yea, I’m fine! Just a little twisted ankle!” Armin sat up pushing on Eren’s wide shoulders for leverage. In this process, Armin’s ass became alarmingly close to Eren’s face before he walked away without even a limp. Eren felt a lingering warmth where Armin’s hands had been and a light but familiar blood surge to his beefwand caused him to remember his initial plan.

As Armin started to walk around almost aimlessly, Eren got the vibe that he was a little bored. Eren got up and rubbed his hands up and down his thighs.

"Wanna videocall Jean?" Eren suggested, trying not to sound like this was all an elaborate plan to get laid.

Armin blinked harshly and look up as to consider. “Sure. Why Jean, though?”

"He’s Jean, he’s probably awake at 3 am doing something." Was Eren’s cover up, when he really knew what he was doing. Always telling sex jokes on what always seemed to be the wrong time, Jean was a total catalyst for a frickle frackling. They’re all horny and gay and awake when they shouldn’t be, and free to do what they want, someone could evolve a dumb joke into sex, no matter how low that is.

Armin shrugged and pranced off and propelled himself over and off of the couch in his way, rather than walking around, Eren who was following behind and repeating his actions. Behind the whole sofa set up was a large desktop computer. Wide flatscreen monitor, video camera mounted atop. Two speakers on each side of the monitor. For a computer in such fantastic condition it was unusual how it was not used often, except by Armin who spent his down time on it. As he wanted to be on top of this whole Jean operation, Eren dashed over to the big soft black swivel chair in front of the computer, which was cushioned well and welcomed his back happily. He made a moderately loud moan of comfort when he sank into it, which probably sounded more sexual than it should have. He rolled himself closer to the computer so he could grip the mouse with his right hand, resting his left on the armrest. He had his left foot resting on the wheely part, for lack of better words, of the swivel chair and his right leg draped over the armrest where his mousing arm would’ve been. Armin was standing behind the chair that Eren narrowly beat him to, resting his arms on top of it and his head in his arms, quietly observing the welcoming display Eren presented with his legs. Out of fidgetiness he wiggled and fingers and tapped his toes and rocked his hips occasionally that Eren noticed and felt but he didn’t mind.

Eren had helped Armin create a password to his file, as he was there when the computer was configured. A very high display of trust and friendship. There were two files, one for everyone else and guests, and one for Armin to keep his gay porn on. Wait, what? Anyway, With deft fingers Eren entered Armin’s password, which was suckonmytitan420. The account unlocked with a trademark sound and Eren clicked his way to the videocall app.

“Chicken McNugget?? Is that Jean?” Eren asked, rolling through Armin’s contacts. Just about everyone has that one person who will just not settle for one name at a time, making it very difficult for an irregular like Eren to recognize him.

"I think so…" Armin responded, and Eren clicked on the profile. When he saw the location was set to "your mom", there were simultaneous words of affirmation that Chicken McNugget was, indeed, Jean. Eren clicked the call button, and ringing noises played. He settled himself in the chair to look casual even though he was slightly worried about where this would go.

Jean picked up almost posthaste. “Armin??” Jean sounded nearly concerned as his image appeared on the screen. “Why are you… Eren??” As the camera was focusing, Jean saw the two and got a picture of what was happening. “What’re you nerds doing up?” Making a point to call them nerds rather then actually asking what there were doing awake.

"Sleepover stuff." Eren answered, clearly trying to be not too enthusiastic.

"Oooooo. Where’s Mikasa?"

"Sleeping." Said Eren. There was no way he was gonna put up with Jean’s shit tonight.


"Upstairs." Armin pointed up but never spoke, as he was more camera shy.

"Can y-" is only as far as Jean got before Armin and Eren both shook their heads with a loud and stern "NO!". They’ve both accidentally woken Mikasa up before, it’s not a good idea. Just not.

Eren looked up to see Armin tilting his head back and forth, assuming he needed somewhere to sit. He was still WELL energized but all the movement made his legs sore, and a dull ache crawling through them caused him to look around. Eren moved his head a few times before lowering his right leg down next to his other. There was a mutual moment of “Uhhh, where do you wanna go?” Before Armin took Eren’s leg movement as an invitation to his lap. “Oh! I’ll just…” And Armin moved over to the chair and sat down right on Eren’s lap, who tried not to look too pleasantly surprised. Eren was strong and Armin was light, supporting his weight was easy, but he did feel Armin loom over him. He had quite the bony ass, though. Having it grind just below his pleasure rod might cause a problem to come up; in more than one way. Eren had to scoot in and kind of wrap his arms around Armin to get to the mouse, not that he’d need it for anything right then. All they could do is look at the front camera image in the corner of their screen and think “Wow, this is so gay.”

There was a moment of silence before Jean decided to break it in the most unfortunate of ways.

"You know who else is sleeping??" Jean smiled wickedly.

Armin and Eren both put their heads back and gasped in despair at Jean’s icebreaker. Meanwhile Eren was continuing to maintain the boner he’d been keeping at bay all night while he was being suffocated by Armin’s existence and loving it.

"YOUR MOM!!" Jean cackled.

Eren forcefully and sarcastically laughed, while Armin somehow attempted to rationalize.

"Hey, my mom IS sleeping! HA!"

As you could tell, Jean was going through his “your mom” phase. For a long time now Eren had wanted to combat it with a joke of his own, but there was always someone, Armin, namely, to remind him not to sink that low. It was this night that Eren realized he had to quell this rage before it bubbled over. He furrowed his eyebrows in thought before serving some of what needed to be served long ago.

"Yo mama’s so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house!"

Eren put on a smug, and Jean looked slightly taken aback. And Armin was making that “SLAM DUNKED” face while looking back and forth at Eren and Jean, quite amused with this whole layout.

"Yo mama so stupid she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing out all the W’s!"

Barely having heard Jean’s “debate”, Eren was thinking of more to knock him down a few pegs.

"Yo mama’s like a chicken coop, cocks are going in and out of her all day!"

Armin started snorting and making noises that sounded borderline painful, while Jean snorted but in more of a gruff way. Eren was smiling with this “take thAt!” look.

"Yo mama’s so fat that I thought she was a titan!"

"Wait, this isn’t canonverse. Are you even allowed to do that??"

"Who cares, it’s fanfiction!"

"Guys, stop breaking the fourth wall!" Armin said, worriedly.

After a moment of shared confusion, Eren decided to slay a zinger.

"Yo mama’s so fat that NASA sent a rocket into her butt to look for water!"

And of course, at this Armin practically doubled over laughing, causing vibrations that rattled through Eren in the most satisfying of ways, and a mantra of “don’t get a boner now, don’t get a boner now”.

Unsurprisingly Jean seemed plainly unimpressed, while Eren was looking at Armin’s fucking adorable laughter smile. He could not be more proud. In an attempt to woo Eren, Armin would’ve thrown some yo mama joke if he had been preparing for this moment. He figured that Eren must’ve been looking these up days prior, but that’s not important right now.

“Yo mama so ugly she looked out the window and got arrested for mooning!” Jean was back in the game.

"Yo mama so dumb she thought cheerios were donut seeds!"

"Yo mama so fat she’s got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook!"

Eren hesitated a second above usual before Armin decided to defend him.

"Yo mama so ugly not even fluorine is attracted to her!"

Both Jean and Eren knew that if they felt like actually using their rushing minds for good they could appreciate Armin’s addition. But a yo mama joke was a yo mama joke and Jean had a comeback.

"Yo mama so hairy, when she gave birth to you, you had severe rope burn!"

"Yo mama so ugly Dora couldn’t explore her!"

"Yo mama so poor she kicked a can across the street and when asked what she was doing, she said moving!" Said Armin. He looked down at Eren to see his reaction. When Eren said "Nice" and gave him a look of approval, Armin knew he’d done well.

"Yo mama so ugly she made yo daddy gay!" Jean needed to step up his game if he was gonna fight in a two-against-one.

"Yo daddy so gay that when I accused him of it he chased me around with his huge pink diamond studded dildo!"

"Yo daddy’s like a gun, two cocks and he blows!"

Throughout this ongoing intense battle between Eren and Jean about whose father is more of a homosexual, Armin was sitting on Eren’s lap still and giggling with Eren wriggling under him with every bit of shade he throws.

"Yo daddy’s so gay he sat on a cheerio and turned it into a fruit loop!" Jean was going for a second one in a row this time. Armin gave an audible gaspy laugh at this one, before Eren looked at him very betrayed.

"Auh, sorry!" Armin’s flushed face and little smile made up for the insignificant crime. Damn him.

"Yo daddy’s so gay that he likes dicks in the ass!" Eren was running out of material and on improvisation mode. It could’ve been the fact that Armin wanted to make up for his cackle at Jean’s joke, or the fact that Eren’s attempt was cute and made no sense, but Armin nearly lost it at that.

"Oh, that’s not even funny. What kind of joke is that, some gay joke that only GAY people get?"

"If it is, then why are YOU acknowledging it??" Armin offered backup for Eren.

"I’m bi, you idiots. I thought this was already established." Jean appeared slightly curt but sounded amused over all.

"Well I AM gay!" Eren called.

"Yea, so am I!" Said Armin.

At this point, no one was even thinking about what they were saying. It was a constant competition of one-upping each other.

"I’m gayer than both of you, so shut up!" Eren and Armin both gasped at this false claim.

"I’m so gay, I like dicks in the ass!" Eren knew it was too late at night, well past any point of regret.

"I’m so gay, I could do this!" Armin adjusted his butt on top of Eren before lowering himself and putting his lips on Eren’s with angst and urgency. Armin thrashed his tongue into Eren’s mouth, sloppily scraping it over the insides. Eren looked COMPLETELY shocked in such a good way, and the wide surprise in Eren’s eyes fueled Armin to continue. Eren made a glance at the computer screen to see Jean staring at them completely dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape, just casually observing. Eren decided to give Armin a little battle for dominance just so Armin could have his fun being over Eren. They both struggled to find a comfortable position on the chair while making out until they Eren was lying horizontally across the armrests with Armin on top of him, having barely broken the kiss. When Eren got squirmy because the armrest was painfully pressing into his back, Armin lifted his and a trail of saliva linked their lips. They both had trouble believing what was happening but there was no way in hell they wanted to stop it. Eren’s pants were getting tighter and would’ve gotten progressively worse had Armin not stopped groping his ass and thighs while they were making out.

"Couch?" Was all Eren felt like saying. Armin nodded quickly before they make ungainly steps over each other and got off of the chair.

They stumbled over to the longest of the three aforementioned couches which was barely wide enough to hold both of them comfortably but just what was needed. Before climbing on top of each other, Eren made his surprise known.

"I didn’t think you had that in you tonight."

The only response he could elicit was a sheepish and nonetheless inviting smile.

"Don’t you look at me like that, it’s my turn now." Armin didn’t say anything else but let Eren take over.

Eren shoved Armin into the couch and pulled himself closer. Eren planted a desperate kiss on Armin’s lips and put his tongue in his mouth. Eren lifted his head for a minute to pull off Armin’s shirt. He scratched at Armin’s back while he kissed his lips with passion and need. Eren lowered his head so he could bite at his neck. “Ah!” Armin gave a rather high pitched gasp and inhaled as Eren nipped at his neck and collarbone. “You like that, huh?” Armin winced his already closed eyes and nodded. Eren bit at his neck rather hard sometimes, but carefully, and licked away the pain, which engendered the pitchy gasping that motivated Eren. Eren went down further to fumble with Armin’s pants which had a bulge that he had felt pushing on him throughout the session. He realized that in the event that someone should wake up and check on them, they’d be fucking in plain sight. “I’m gonna shut the door, do you like it dark?” When Eren got up Armin give him a groan and look of despondency before giving a faint “yeh”. Eren ran up the stairs with obnoxiously loud footsteps before remembering that if he wasn’t quiet that he could ruin the whole thing. He shut and locked the door at the top of the staircase and turned out the lights when he came down, the only light being a faint glow from the computer monitor.

As he walked to the couch he gave his shirt a spirited and showy tug and swing off of him and launched it across the room. He looked over at Armin on the couch, laying there with his arms above his head, glancing back at Eren. Eren sat on the arm of the couch, trying not to make his own arousal obvious. He observed Armin in front of him, laying and waiting to be fucked. Armin Arlert, best friends since childhood, in his basement destined to get it hard in the ass. An aggravated “What the hell are you doing?!” restored Eren’s thought. Eren pondered the somewhat alarming question before responding with a “what do you want me to do?”.

"Get down here and do what you were gonna do. Please." Eren loved the sound of Armin asking for it. Honestly he’s not sure how long he could make himself last in this situation. He crawled back onto Armin and nibbled more at his collarbone, and reached his hand somewhere useful. Eren palmed at Armin’s ass and rubbed his thighs. Every whimper and subtle beg he got out of Armin sent a fresh surge of blood to his dick. Armin put his legs up and held them on Eren’s back when and pulled his special region closer to Eren’s stomach, giving it light grinds. Eren could sense that he was somewhat desperate for attention. "Take your pants off." Eren asserted. Armin unzipped his pants and pulled them off and kicked them off of his feet. Quite a large tent was in Armin’s boxers. Eren took in the sight before him, once again. He came to the realization that he could have Armin begging for his almighty buttfucking, oh shit, that’s a good idea. Was it really a good idea? Don’t ask me, I’m a narrator. Let’s find out.

Eren gave Armin a brief lascivious smile and lowered his head to Armin’s lower stomach. He gave it little kisses and bites and licks, causing pain and easing it away with his tongue and hearing Armin whimper with pleasure under him, knowing that his cock was hard and right next to his head. Eren thought for a second, “holy shit, Armin’s cock is hard and right next to my head”. The thought was laughable as it was really happening, and Armin felt Eren smiling against his skin. Armin loved every second of Eren’s attention but he was getting quite impatient.

"Eren, no offense…

Armin paused for a breathy gasp as Eren licked further down his stomach.

Half expecting the answer he was bound to get, he said “What?”

"If you don’t touch my dick I’m gonna die." Armin got the words out quickly before Eren could hinder him with a wave of pleasure.

Without saying anything else Eren lowered Armin’s boxers to reveal the goods. It was dark in the room, Eren couldn’t see all too well. In fact, he was surprised he didn’t mess up catastrophically yet.
“Shit, Armin, you’re big. And wet already!” Eren didn’t quite hide the fact that he was proud of himself for doing this to Armin. Eren smiled and grazed his thumb over the slit of Armin’stv cock which was dripping precome already. Armin tried to make a response to Eren’s comment about his dick when he was interrupted by a loud pitchy gasp and a few syllables to words he would never say in any other plausible scenario.

"Hm? What was that?" Eren teased.

"I- FUCK, EREN!" Eren giggled a little as Armin was unable to form actual words with Eren rubbing his cock like that.

Eren slipped a teasing finger around the rim of Armin’s puckered asshole. Armin was muttering quiet words that Eren could barely make out but found it unbearable.

Eren started to lick Armin’s dick from the base up to the head. Armin writhed and gasped underneath him. Eren gave a few more teasing licks before taking it in his mouth. He bobbed a little but slowly as he didn’t wanna start a gag reflex too soon. That was proven useless as Armin lightly bucked his hips and started to facefuck him. Eren gave an unexpected groan at this without removing the dick. Which felt really good to Armin. Eren wrapped his tongue around it and he moved up and down and give a few obscenely precise licks to his leaking slit. Every time he did made Armin give this squeaky noise that turned into an almost painful groan which made Eren’s cock throb irritatingly in his pants which needed to come off soon.

Armin had his head flung back and was wincing his face throughout, stuttering things like “AGH” “shit” “jesus fuck” (that was new) and “EREN FUCK ME”, also relatively new. At that last one Eren decided to slip a finger shallowly into his ass. Armin looked so gorgeous when he was this aroused and, what, Eren could barely think with all of his blood down south. He decided to take the cock out his mouth, no one was gonna come just yet. Armin gave a displeased shout at the loss of Eren’s mouth before realize how disappointingly empty his ass was.

"Eren, fuck my ass. Just fuck it. I mean I really don’t wanna be able to walk tomorrow. Just bury it in me. Holy shit". Near the end of his plead Armin realized how ridiculous he might’ve sounded but his ass was too not-filled-with-cock to care. Eren quickly tried to undo his pants which his quick giddy fingers and got them undone and tossed them off.

"Eren, I invite you to a sleepover and you show up without underwear???" Armin was too hot to care, really, I mean he did just get done giving him the best blowjob to that day. He hardly had the right to give Eren shit about arriving commando.

Once Eren was done giving Armin his display, he sat on his knees behind armin.

"Where’s the lube?"

"Do you expect my parents to just have lube lying around in their basement??"

"No, I figured it might be of your nature to have some since you were just begging for my cock."

"I have some in my room, in my closet, in…"

"Can either of us wait to go upstairs without clothes and with raging erections? Really?"

"Me neither."

Eren thought for a second before coming up with an idea.

"Get on your hands and knees, just do." Without complaint, Armin flipped over on the couch.

"Now suck on my fingers. Get them all wet." Armin complied, too horny not to. Eren reached out his hand with his middle and index finger pointed, and Armin took them in his mouth. Eren made a few raspy grunts as Armin lubricated his fingers the best he could. So he didn’t have to stretch his arm Armin’s body length, he sat up and scooted a little bit closer. His wet boner pushed up to Armin’s thigh. Eren could feel Armin’s shock on his fingers. The feeling of Armin lathering his fingers with saliva jolted right to his loins. Eren lowered his head to hover it above Armin’s neck. For some reason he smelled really good. Fresh. Sexual, if that’s even a smell. Kind of like books, which was hardly unsurprising. Eren slowly removed his fingers and laid back on the arm of the couch and put his legs out. He started to rub his pulsating dick with his wet hands. He did it slowly as not to engage a full-blown jackoff, but, oh, the noises he made were delectable. They ranged from a sharp whimper to kind of a bothered growl. Armin, getting rather antsy, shifted himself a little and looked behind him to get the best view of Eren. He was laying with his back on the arm of the couch, one arm layed above him and the other pumping his cock, slowly, against his will. His eyes were shut and his mouth was slightly agape. The sight of Eren so fucking hot made Armin’s dick twitch with blood.

“What the hell, Eren, just fuck me!”

Eren mouth left unconsciously open turned into a pleased grin as he sat up. Noticing his dick was sufficiently moist, he decided to do similar for Armin’s ass.

"More." Eren commanded as he put his fingers back up to Armin’s mouth. The movement of his tongue around his fingers so punctilious that he often wondered what it would be like to receive a blowjob from him, a question for another day. Armin would occasionally give his fingers a keen bite which would earn him a gasp. Eren was so captivated by the sucking that he almost abruptly removed his fingers. He got back on his knees next to the butt. Eren slowly inserted a finger into Armin’s corrugated butthole. Armin gave a short cry of "Ah, yes!" As Eren pushed his finger in. Armin was tight and hot, and felt compressed and he slowly got in further.

"God, how many people have told you how cute your ass is?"

"Ahh, ah, thank you." Armin uttered, not exactly answering his rhetorical question.

"You don’t have to take it that easy, Eren. You can go hard. Please go hard."

"I’m impressed! I didn’t take you for a rough fucking kind of guy." Eren slid his finger in further before retracting it and inserting another. He pumped in and spread his fingers apart to loosen Armin, who was shuddering below him. Once they were going at a faster pace, Eren searched around the interior of Armin’s ass with his fingers until he found what he was looking for. He brushed his finger up against Armin’s prostate.

"Ahhhh, sh- fuc, EREN! Stop teasing me! Ju…"

Eren giggled again and pulled out his fingers. Almost instantly Armin’s ass had Eren’s wet cock poking at the rim. Eren avoided hurting Armin at all costs but was already given the plea to to go fast. Armin felt Eren enter him slowly before starting to gain pace.

Eren supported himself buy putting his arms over Armin and onto the arm of the couch. We seem to have a lot of arms in this picture. Perhaps they should start an army. Armin was underneath of him with his hands sinking into the couch and pushing him up. Dick still hard in the butt. Armin gave delirious moans and whimpers with every thrust. “Holy fucking shit, Eren” Armin could barely utter. “Literally!” Eren gasped. This is no time to be making shitty jokes.

Armin felt so good around Eren, though. He was tight and warm and hugged his cock perfectly. Armin was such an intelligent and percipient boy, and the fact that he was an incoherent babbling mess previously begging for cock filled his head with pride and his dick with blood. Eren was thrusting harshly into him trying to feel all of him while Armin sounded like he could only ecstatically utter the first syllable of whatever could possibly be crossing his mind right now. Eren groaned occasionally despite he liked knowing the Armin was the whiny cockslut here. But damn, he felt fucking good. Very good. If he weren’t trying not to he might empty himself in Armin’s ass right now, but there was no way he was coming first. He could tell Armin wasn’t f- “Ah!” Armin lifted his chin a little to where Eren’s hand was and started to lightly nibble on his thumb. Eren wasn’t sure what that meant but for some reason it made his dick hurt even more.

Eren was fucking him at a very quick pace in seeking out his own pleasure, making quiet cries to whatever deity there was to witness. Eren decided to help Armin along a little by taking the non-bitten hand and moving it to Armin’s dick. He shifted his weight a little as he needed to balance himself on his one hand but he was still steadily thrusting. He held Armin’s moist dripping cock in his hand and started to rub slowly and could feel Armin growling into his left hand. His rubs slowly got quicker and started to circle the dripping slit with his thumb in synchrony with the movement of his hips. Eren lowered his head into Armin’s neck. He took a big smell of his hair and bit Armin’s neck lightly. Eren got close to Armin’s ear.

"Scream for me, Armin."

"M… Ah! Mikasa and my p… Par- parents are sleeping upstairs!"

"My cock is so far up your ass that come is about to squirt through your nose, now scream for me, you little whore."

At that, almost as if the author of this fic had planned it, Eren hit Armin’s prostate with his dick.

"Eren! FUCK! Eren! EREN! EREN!" Armin yelled for him as he came all over the couch. Around that same time, Eren shouted a few things through his teeth euphorically as he came in Armin’s ass. They both fell down onto each other after giving a few rapid post-orgasm breaths.

"Wh- who came first?" Armin asked despite his tired tone.

"You were try-"

Eren was interrupted by a deep pitched yell that was stifled seconds later. Both of them had a nervous rush of adrenaline through their bodies.


"Oh shit, we left the computer on!" Armin said almost trying to whisper, it sounded.

Eren got up still butt naked and walked over to the computer.

"Jean?? Are you masturbating to the sound of our orgasms??" Eren was shocked but not upset, oddly. A second later the call was ended because the second party left.


Eren woke up to the sight and feeling of Armin breathing in his face.

"Hm! What!" Eren sat up and slurred his first words.

"Good morning, Eren!" Armin smiled at his cute… Boyfriend I guess I can call him now.

After coming to his senses a little, he could say “Oh, hey Arm.”

Eren looked around awkwardly. As typical of a sleepover, he was faced with the morning “did I really do that last night or was it just a dream”s. Typically even more questionable if you fell asleep on a caffeine post-coital crash.

"Hey, Armin, did we bang last night?" Oh, how he had a way with words.

"Yes, I’m afraid so." Armin said and continued smiling at him.

"Yea, that-

"Good." They both stuttered while saying essentially the same thing simultaneously. They came to a mutual agreement that that sex was good and they are now in a relationship.

Their clothes were on but more descriptively slung across them haphazardly before they each crashed on opposite couches. Eren got up to examine the couch where he had fucked Armin only few hours ago, technically. There were little wet spots that could’ve been from a variety of things. Whitish patches visible on the cushion.

"Do you think it’s obvious what this is??" Eren asked

"Perhaps. I’m hungry, you should clean it up while I get something to eat."

"What should I do, get Levi to clean your comestains off the pillows?"

Eren’s question was obviously sarcastic which got him a squint from Armin. Eren picked up the couch cushion and flipped it upside down and put it back where it came from. The bottom of the cushion was purposely a lighter shade than the top, making the assumption that the cushion was stupidly misplaced a good one. Armin couldn’t help but giggle at Eren’s work.

"I’m hungry too, let’s go upstairs."

The boys went up the stairs and opened the door to the upper floor. They were assaulted with a delectable smell of eggs emanating from the kitchen. They followed in to find Mikasa frying eggs in a pan. Eggs were one of the only foods that all three of them could agree were pretty cool. She turned her head to see them walking in.

"Hello boys! How timely!"

They both have her a monotone greeting and wondered why she seemed so perky. Not often have they woken to THIS on a sleepover morning. She brought a plate with two eggs on it to the table which had two other plates with two eggs already in place. The boys chose a seat opposite to each other, but according to the setup. They were both quite hungry, so they eagerly ate their breakfast.

"What’d you two do last night?"

"We mostly watched stuff on the computer." Eren answered a little too hasty to be faithful.

"Did that include a lot of yelling of each other’s name and various strangely put religious exclamations?"

"You heard us do that?"

Eren and Armin felt their blood boil at the thought of waking Mikasa or even possibly Armin’s parents with their sex noises. Armin’s face flushed red and shot Eren a deathly look for confirming it for Mikasa.

"It’s alright, just about everyone thought you two would be great boyfriends."

They considered that it really is possible that Mikasa could be so cheery out of pure smugness over knowing that they frickle frackled last night.

"I got the vibe that Jean though so as well."

"Jean was involved??" Something Mikasa didn’t know about this time.

Armin and Eren almost telepathically agreed not to give too many details, but Armin had one say on the matter.

"I’m the gayest and Jean came last."


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Don’t even fight. I will now link the best websites there are. this is an excellent boredom killer. Also, some have audio, but I promise I’m not trying to scare you. Reblog if you enjoy! 

http://staggeringbeauty.com (This one is a little startling, and contains flashing images.)
http://isitchristmas.com (try this one on christmas…)
http://grandpanoclothes.com (The SLIGHTEST bit NSFW, you should be safe unless you’re a preschooler or something.)
http://randomcolour.com (refresh for another!)
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http://pointerpointer.com (occasionally with show obscene hand gestures if you know what I mean)


Some more for you, http://breadfish.co.uk http://secretsfornicotine.com (epilepsy warning, kinda) http://a-blue-box.com http://leduchamp.com

If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!


If you love Disney, you must follow this blog!

"I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?"

Can we just appreciate the effort put into the animation of Elsa’s powers.

Can we just appreciate the effort put into the animation of Elsa’s powers.


"Do you wanna build a Sonic Screwdriver~?"


"Do you wanna build a Sonic Screwdriver~?"